Responsible Investment

We recognise the importance for all stakeholders to contribute to the minimisation of current and future environmental challenges, promote responsible business practices, encourage diversity, and protect human rights.

ESG Commitments

Signatory since 2020.

The Firm committed to the UK Stewardship Code upon its inception in 2012. Our Annual Report is available here.

Supporter since 2021.

Supporter Since 2021.

Signatory since 2022.

Our Investment Approach

Environmental, Social and Governance factors are core inputs for our fundamental, bottom-up analysis and decision-making.

Each investment team is responsible for considering these factors, including sustainability risk, and their impact on shareholder value throughout the investment process.

Active Ownership


  • Consideration of entire value chain (including end product use)
  • Monitoring and disclosure of impact, emissions (greenhouse gases and local emissions), hazardous waste, resource and land use


  • Sustainable labour practices (competitive pay, labour and management dispute resolutions)
  • Support of wider community
  • Equal opportunities (gender, age, social, origin)


  • Board independence and authority
  • Senior management track record
  • CEO compensation level and structure
  • Insider trading
  • Special voting rights or restrictions
  • Downside management
  • Equity issuance
  • Buy back history


  • Since 2016 the Firm has engaged with ISS to facilitate and assist with the voting process.
  • The ISS Sustainability Policy is our default voting option which we believe enhances our ESG analysis and reporting capabilities with regard to Voting and Engagement.
  • See proxy voting statistics.


  • Engagement with companies is fundamental to our investment process.
  • We seek to build effective relationships and maintain high and broad levels of engagement with management and other stakeholders.