A Responsible Company

Lansdowne Partners is committed to supporting the wider community. We aim to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged in the UK and overseas, whilst also building an awareness of our ecological footprint and protecting our planet.

The Lansdowne Charity Initiative

As a Firm we are committed to share our success with those less fortunate by providing firm resources to important causes. Through the Lansdowne Charity Initiative, every employee is encouraged on an annual basis to nominate a charity they are involved with, be it through volunteering or fundraising, for a discretionary grant.

Supporting the Wider Community

We support a number of charities which have been specifically chosen so that employees can be directly involved in volunteering and fundraising.

Our Desire to Protect The Environment

Each year, the Firm supports international projects that provide solutions to climate change. To date Lansdowne has offset 5,356 tonnes of CO2e by supporting wind power, geothermal power, solar power, biomass and biogas projects. This year, staff have voted to support a safe water project in Eritrea and reforestation in India:

Climate partner

Zoba Anseba Community Safe Water Project

The Project supports the provision of safe water using borehole technology to hundreds of households within the Zoba Anseba district. By providing safe water, households consume less firewood usually needed for water purification.

Reforestation of MTPL India

Reforestation of Degraded Land by Mtpl in India

The Project involves carbon sequestration of degraded lands through reforestation activities. The project encompasses 12,437 parcels of land measuring 14,969.46 hectares owned by 12,002 farmers distributed in seven districts across three states Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.