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Corporate Social Responsibility


Lansdowne Partners is committed to supporting the wider community. We aim to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged in the UK and overseas through charitable giving, both financially and through volunteering programmes, whilst also building an awareness of our ecological footprint and protecting our planet.


Supporting the wider community is integral to our culture and values.

Our Charity initiative

Through the Lansdowne Charity Initiative every employee is encouraged on an annual basis to nominate a charity they are involved with, be it through volunteering or fundraising, which will then be approved for a discretionary grant.

In addition to this, the firm has carefully selected 4 local charities; SparkInside, Whizzkids, Eastside Young Leaders Academy and The Bike Project for a multiyear support programme – they have been specifically chosen so that the partners and employees can be directly involved in volunteering and fundraising.


Lansdowne Charity Projects and Activity

Every year our employees are encouraged to get involved with charitable fundraising events.

Lansdowne Charity Projects and Activity

Charitable Fundraising

Lansdowne has also supported a number of further charities since 1998, and participates in annual charitable fundraising events such as the J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge, Greenhouse Sports Dodgeball and Teach First Run the River.


Lansdowne is cognisant of our environmental impact and proud to be a carbon neutral organisation.

Carbon Neutral Organisation logo

Our Carbon Footprint

We are increasingly aware of our impact on the environment. Since 2016, we commissioned Carbon Footprint™ to conduct a full annual audit of the firm, our business practices and travel to reduce our carbon footprint. We support projects to offset our carbon footprint, earning Lansdowne an annual offset certificate.

In 2019, our audit noted another annual decrease in carbon emissions from a number of areas in the firm which we are delighted to achieve. We chose to support one main project this year to proudly remain a carbon neutral company.


Our Carbon Footprint